The UE 5 PRO Custom In-Ear Monitor

The UE 5 PRO Custom In-Ear Monitor - ONE Custom Audio

The Need to Hear Better

It all began at a Van Halen concert over 25 years ago when drummer Alex Van Halen needed to hear better. Sure, in-ear monitors as a concept existed before Ultimate Ears but it was the creation of the original dual-driver UE 5 PRO in 1993 that allowed in-ears to flourish. The UE 5 was vibrant. It was fun and punchy. It sounded like a club PA in your head; and it was good enough to get all the top-touring musicians to want to ditch the wedge and to try in-ears.

After all these years and all of the sonic innovations since, the UE 5 sounds just as good today as it did back then! Sometimes you can’t over-engineer greatness! So, UE keeps on offering it — just as it was. A true industry classic, the original dual-driver custom in-ear. Of course, they've modernized the design to include our new exclusive sweat-proof & road-ready IPX cable and connection system (a $200 complimentary upgrade.) But the sound will still remind you of your first band and of your first show. It’s raw and full of unpolished energy.

Bringing the Past into the Present

While always being respectful of the past and of the legacy that Ultimate Ears carries, they strive to use the most cutting-edge manufacturing processes. So while the sound signature of the UE 5 remains the same, how they build it is now completely different from those early days.

They've replaced the imprecise art of hand-pouring with state-of-the art 3D modelers and detailers. They now 3D print all of our shells for maximum strength, comfort, and for the best sound possible.

They're sonic testing process has been completely reinvented, and their quality control processes only get better every year.

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